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Professional Handyman Services in Singapore to Hire for all Kind of  Repair and Installation Works

How many times did it happen? When you keep postponing your home improvement ideas over and over again because you want to DIY the tasks but there is never enough spare time for it.

Emergency Repair Services for both commercial and residential clients. Handymen Singapore helps you connect with your local licensed professional & insured handyman services provider. Pay only for the hours’ the handyman worked for, that way you save time and money.

Hire a Perfect Handyman in Singapore

Hiring a handyman not only give you peace of mind but also helps you keep your homes and offices sharp and shining

Finding a handyman in Singapore has never been easier, send your inquiries via inquiry form and we will match you the best available handyman which matches your requirements.

Today most of us lead a busy lifestyle in urban areas and find ourselves drained while heading back home by the end of the day. All the work stress and engaging schedules do not leave any time to take care of home improvement and preventive maintenance schedules required to keep property top notch.

There is no shame in hiring a tradesman for regular home repairs, when you can get the work done professionally and in your budget. A handyman can install light fixtures, assemble furniture, paint the walls and ceilings, fix the leak in the toilet, troubleshoot and fix the electrical issues, help you in moving furniture perform all kinds of drilling and installation works and almost perform any task required to keep your home shining.


Hire professionals for all kinds of painting and decorating jobs.


Hire expert plumbers to fix leaks and to handle all plumbing tasks.


Expert electricians available for hire to install fix & light fixtures


Book carpenters to repair furniture or any kind of woodwork.

Most Used Services

Hire a handyman for not only home improvement but also for preventative maintenance care and routine checkups especially for air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing that way your property always keeps shining and health & safety measures are always met.

Handyman Services Hire in Singapore


A Handyman can help you with all the odd jobs, whether it’s simple drilling and installation of TV and light bulbs or complex carpentry plumbing tasks.
An hourly hired handyman is mostly recommended for hanging curtains and pictures and you might wanna ask for a complex quote for time-consuming jobs such as if there is broken glass or the window frame requires changing.

They are your best resource for your home renovation and remodeling job efficiently and saving time too.

With the right handymen services, they cover a wide range of specialty. This is the reason why verifying whether they are prepared and qualified to assist you or not is vital.
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