electricians in singapore

Handymen Singapore provide a high quality electrical service, We serve in the domestic, commercial & industrial sector and offer free advice and no obligation qoutes upon demand on Commercial, Industrial, Retail and
Leisure Electrical Installations & Maintenance.

Electrical services should be handled by a professional. Handymen Singapore can be your plumbing and electrical specialist that can do the job safely and reliably. Our technicians have are well experienced, and they arrive ready to work. From updating fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen to making basic electrical upgrades, call Handymen Singapore for your residential home & Commercial repair needs.Handymen Singapore can perform a number of electrical and plumbing handyman services, including:

  • General Electrical Maintenance: Have Handymen Singapore replace electrical cords, wire outlets, install dimmers, and more…
  • Install Ceiling Fans: Handymen Singapore can install or replace ceiling fans and lighting fixtures safely and efficiently.
  • General Plumbing Services: Let Handymen Singapore repair or replace toilets, fix bathtubs, and much more…
  • Replace Fixtures: Looking to update your bathroom or kitchen? Have Handymen Singapore replace your faucets, handles, and hardware for a new look.
  • Insulate Pipes: Save money on your utility bill by having Handymen Singapore insulate your pipes and water heater Fixture
  • Installation: Whether in your bathroom, kitchen, or another space, Handymen Singapore can install a variety of light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and more. • Faucet Repair Services : Instead of buying a new faucet, have Handymen Singapore repair it and avoid the cost of a new set up.
  • Tripping Breakers: if you have a breaker that keeps tripping trust the electricians at Handymen Singapore to give you prompt, professional circuit breaker servicing that will make the safety of both you and your property our top priority.

our electricians are handpicked for their attention to detail, versatility, and ability to work in tough Conditions and deadlines. We combine experience and expertise in a wide range of commercial and residential electrical applications into an electrical service designed to maintain the highest safety standards. As with any electrical job, it’s recommended that only an experienced electrical contractor install or repair wiring, circuits, and lighting. Improperly done electrical work can result in fires, property damage & Serious Losses.

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